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Printwear Exclusive: Kati Sportcap Sales Manager Marks 26 Years of Service

HOUSTON—Kati Sportcap recognizes sales manager Todd Sanders for 26 years of service with the company. Sanders maintains multiple roles at Kati including customer relations, sales, and various aspects of marketing.

Sanders started at the company in the general sales department, eventually working up to where he is today. Since his start with Kati, he says the single most significant thing he’s noticed change is the technology both internally and across the industry.

“Back in the day we would send handwritten Thermofaxes to the factory,” says Sanders. “Now everything’s email-based.”

Sanders notes this broader change in communications also has had a ripple effect on how the apparel and accessories industries operate. In the current market, he notes, production time requirements are much faster than previous decades because of customer expectation.

Kati Sportcap sales manager Todd Sanders

Closer to home, Sanders says he’s watched Kati grow from humble beginnings to a bustling operation today. While the company still operates on a moderate-sized staff, he notes that Kati now carries 19 brand lines, and aims to streamline inventory efforts in the coming years.

Sanders says as he continues with Kati, a primary goal is to maintain a personal touch with customer service and client relations.

“That’s how we do it, and that’s how we’ve always done it,” states Sanders. “We’re a small operation so the more personal we make it; the more people will call us.”

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