Promotional Professionals Pay It Forward Day Logoed

WORLDWIDE—Last month, Promotional Professionals Pay It Forward Day (PromoProsPIFDay) held a contest to design a logo for the Nov. 6, 2010, event, and nine industry designers took the challenge. Max Quattromani, electronic media specialist at Parker, Colo.-based Leashables by Oralabs Inc., created the winning design. “The objective of the design is to convey the act of charity; the two open hands represent the open hands of the volunteer/giver as well as the receiving hands of those who benefit directly,” he said.

Logos were posted on the PromoProsPIFDay Facebook page where fans voted for their favorite designs. Additionally, submissions were judged by the PromoProsPIFDay steering committee on the basis of creativity, incorporation of mission and ability of logo to be used digitally as well as for decoration on promotional products. 

For more information, visit the PromoProsPIFDay Facebook page at or follow @PromoProsPIFDay on Twitter.

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