Roland Revs Recycling Program into Canada

IRVINE, Calif.—Roland DGA Corp. introduces a cartridge recycling program for the company’s inkjet customers located in Canada. The new program joins Roland’s U.S. cartridge recycling program and a host of other environmental initiatives across the Americas and worldwide.

“Having a dedicated Canadian recycling program further reduces our carbon footprint by allowing customers to recycle regionally instead of shipping cartridges to the U.S.,” said Rick Scrimger, vice president and general manager for Roland DGA Corp. “Having three collection points in Canada makes it even more convenient and cost effective to participate. We encourage all our customers to help protect the environment by recycling their cartridges.”

To take part in the program, Roland inkjet customers across Canada can ship cartridges to facilities located in Burnaby, BC, Barrie, ON and Ville St-Laurent, QC. In addition, many Roland Canadian dealers are offering a drop-off points for their customers. The Roland Cartridge Recycling Program is available to all Roland inkjet customers in the U.S. and Canada. Complete instructions including packaging guidelines and shipping labels can be downloaded from the Roland Web site at

Cartridge recycling is reportedly just one aspect of Roland’s environmental policy, which in the U.S. includes an extensive recycling program for paper, cardboard, platens, plastics and other recyclables and low-wattage lights throughout its facilities that feature sensors and automatic timers. Globally, the Roland organization has reportedly been proactive for more than a decade in establishing environmentally-sound business practices. Its “Digital Yatai” manufacturing model is an entirely paperless cell-based system driven in part by employee-assembled solar panels to save energy.

As a result of these and other policies, every Roland product today is designed and manufactured through sustainable processes that meet ISO 14021 standards, and many of the company’s products are Energy Star compliant. Additionally, Roland products introduced after September 1, 2007, feature the company’s ECO-labels which meet ISO 14021 standards for Type II labeling by clearly communicating the environmental attributes of every product to consumers.

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