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RTP Apparel Supports Warrior Amputee Softball Team Event. (Image courtesy RTP Apparel)

RTP Apparel Supports Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team Event

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio—RTP Apparel supports the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) at a recent event. The company donated shirts to a Hamilton, Ohio direct-to-garment printer for the organization’s game on the weekend of Aug. 17.

The WWAST includes a combination of competitive, athletic veterans and active-duty soldiers who have lost limbs while serving their country. The team travels the country playing able-bodied teams in competitive, celebrity, and exhibition softball games.

“WWAST athletes are examples of amputees who continue to push the limits of modern prosthetic technology with more and more applications,” says RTP Apparel. “Of course, the dream would be the return of our soldiers from harm’s way without the resulting loss of life and limb. Until such a time, their goal is to support and honor our soldiers and veterans’ sacrifices, and to show other amputees and everyone who sees or hears about them that life without a limb is limitless.”

As part of the game, the team helped raise money for Kids Camp, a softball camp run by WWAST. The camp coaches and mentors children with amputations or missing limbs. The organization offers the program to children and their families free of charge. Some of the camp attendees attended the game to reconnect with the players.

“Going to the [softball] camp I felt like I belonged somewhere,” states attendee Austin Osner in a video interview with local news outlet WKRC.

 For more information on RTP Apparel, visit www.rtpapparel.com.

For more information on WWAST, visit www.woundedwarrioramputeesoftballteam.org.


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