RTP Apparel announces the launch of a new e-commerce website.

RTP Apparel Unveils New E-Commerce Store

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio—RTP Apparel announces the launch of a new website. The new site offers faster load times and new features.

"Everyone that had an account on our old web store will need to create a new account to access pricing and stock," says Brian Walker, founder of RTP Apparel. "The new site hides the pricing of RTP Apparel from the general public so that your customers can't find out what you are paying for an individual shirt.”

Walker says this design is intended to help producers protect “costs and business structure.”

With the update, RTP provides users with the option to receive order updates via SMS messages. The company says it plans to roll out additional features in the coming weeks to make the shopping experience “easier, quicker, and enjoyable.”

For more information, visit https://www.rtpapparel.com.