Sawgrass unveils an enhanced website as of October 22, 2019.

Sawgrass Launches New Website

MT. PLEASANT, N.C.—Sawgrass unveils an enhanced website as of October 22, 2019. The new site allows easier access to a variety of features, from shopping for products to watching videos, according to Sawgrass.

The company says that the goal of the website is to empower entrepreneurs, attract potential sublimation users, and educate them on the benefits of running their own business.

“Our position is very much one of prioritizing our users, whether that means providing easy access to software and support for day-to-day operations or learning how to harness their greatest potential to grow a profitable and sustainable business,” says Vik Patel, director of business development at Sawgrass. “We’ve been intentional about communicating with our users via conversations, surveys, and web analytics to really understand how we can best use our digital presence to help educate and grow their business.”

Sawgrass’ in-house marketing team began work on the new site at the start of 2019. The process to design the new site started off with multiple surveys and conversations with users and dealers to find out what they liked about the current site and what they’d want from a new one. Patel explains that through the collected data, Sawgrass found that its users want an easier-to-navigate site and more efficient access to the necessary tools.
Patel adds that Sawgrass has streamlined access to CreativeStudio, the company’s online design platform designed purely for sublimation, by putting the users front-and-center. When visitors go to the homepage, they can learn from and be inspired by other users. There is also a new section dedicated to user success stories.

“The new site isn’t looking to tell you what you can do with sublimation, it’s about showing and inspiring new and existing users – after all, one can never be inspired enough in life,” says Sara Hill, Sawgrass web marketing manager.

Aside from a cleaner design and modern photography, there will also be a new knowledge base, according to the company. The Sawgrass Academy will be a library of sublimation videos to support creative entrepreneurs and hobbyists. It will launch over the next couple of months.

“There is much more to come, we are just getting warmed up,” Hill concludes.

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