Slagle Storms Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C.Last week, Steve Slagle, PPAI president and CEO, traveled to D.C. to take the association’s industry concerns straight to Capitol Hill. PPAI lobbyist Robert Drummer and Slagle met with Stephanie Carlton, healthcare aide to Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, to express PPAI’s opposition to S. 301, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act. Senator Cornyn, as a member of the Senate Finance Committee, is responsible for this issue on a national level.

Slagle explained that as written, the bill requires drug and medical supply manufacturers to report transfers of any value, including promotional products, to physicians once the $100 ceiling has been reached over the course of a year. The legislation doesn’t include a reasonable minimum dollar exclusion (for example $25), so even if a logoed item such as a pen, coffee mug or legal pad has a value of less than $25, it must be tracked to determine if the $100 annual reporting requirement is met. Without a reasonable minimum dollar exclusion, medical supply and drug companies may not order promotional products to avoid the paperwork headache associated with tracking and reporting these items.

Additionally, Slagle stressed that the legislation must include language that preempts states from enacting even more stringent reporting and/or de minimis requirements. He also explained the impact this will likely have on the entire country, particularly in terms of sales volume, jobs and companies nationwide.

States Slagle: “I call on everyone in the industry to join me in sending a message of concern regarding S. 301 to Washington. Please call, e-mail, fax and write your individual Senators and encourage others to do the same. Together we can reach a critical tipping point and protect our industry.” Calling scripts, sample e-mails and state-based contact lists are all available at

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