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Sublimation 101 announces its Sublimation Expo, hosted by Sawgrass Technologies. (Photo courtesy of Sublimation 101)

Sublimation 101 Announces Sublimation Expo with Sawgrass Technologies

BRANCHBURG, N.J.—Sublimation 101 announces its Sublimation Expo scheduled for Feb. 4–6 at its headquarters on 191 Chambers Brook Road in Branchburg, New Jersey.

Hosted by Sawgrass Technologies with Sawgrass Technologies instructor Andy Costa, the event will feature a number of training sessions and demonstrations, with five training rooms set up to include a flat press, mug press and sublimation 3D vacuum press demo, according to Sublimation 101 Account Executive Michael Kaminsky. There will also be a vinyl cutting and sublimation vinyl demonstration, as well as a demonstration by Sublimation 101’s sister company, Tag on This.

These events, which will be held bi-monthly, host from six to 50 attendees from all over the country. The Sublimation Expo will be the fifth event held by Sublimation 101 to date.

“We’ve received unbelievable feedback. They learn so much. The aura they get when they walk in the building makes them feel very comfortable—like they’re at home,” Kaminsky notes. “They leave with a positive feeling about sublimation.”

There is no official registration for the Sublimation Expo, and the event, which includes training, demos, and food, is free to the public.

“Bring your appetite, bring a pen, and bring the right attitude,” Kaminsky says.

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