Tip of the Week: Make Something of Sublimation

Sublimation is one of the most versatile digital-decoration technologies available today. With a single system, decorators can embellish a variety of products including apparel, awards, promotional products, gift products, signage, household items, recognition products and more. Diversity is one of sublimation’s biggest selling features, and the reason why you’ll find sublimation vendors at a wide variety of digital-decoration venues. While you have the option of making hundreds of products, your business model and customer demands ultimately dictate how you use a sublimation system.

But let us approach the technology from a different angle. Instead of talking about what the technology is, let’s discuss what the technology represents. Because of its versatility, dye sublimation is a business opportunity with many outcomes. The outcome is dependent on your needs as a business owner.

In other words, sublimation is what you make of it…

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