Tip of the Week: Price it Right

As garment decorators, we are all faced with a big challenge: pricing. In our minds swim questions such as what do I charge for this shirt? Is it too much? Too little? If I charge what I think it is worth, will I lose my customers to a competitor offering the same product for less?

Pricing to make a profit isn't as difficult as it may seem. With some basic concepts and by taking out the emotional aspect of pricing, it is possible to ensure that money is being made every time the print button on the direct-to-garment printer is pressed. One of the biggest challenges is in assessing and determining the actual costs in creating that beautifully-printed shirt. There are a variety of ways to do this and we could even get into the technicalities of how much a specific D2 printer consumes in expenses, how much space it takes up and how many hours per day it is actually printing. However, for the sake of getting to the basics, we will build a point from which to start and the model can be adapted for individual businesses.

D2 dollar signs are just a click away…

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