Tip of the Week: Send Mixed Messages

When clients of the decorated-apparel industry go online or to the local mall, they’re seeing all of the popular retailers featuring multi-decoration rhinestone apparel. This includes brands like Guess, Ed Hardy, Victoria Secret and Affliction. Apparel manufacturers and retailers spend huge financial resources developing multi-decoration design concepts. They test market graphics, conduct focus groups and have access to some of the top designers in the apparel industry.

The product of this research says that the retail world is evolving past standard rhinestone transfers into dynamic multi-decoration graphics that combine direct-to-garment printing, screen printing, embroidery, appliqué and heat transfers with rhinestones. With the proper software, equipment and training, this trend can be incorporated at the same level as top retailers; something I call the Robin Hood concept.

That is, take ideas from the graphically rich and give to them to the graphically poor (this might be you)…

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