Tip of the Week: Streamline your Flow

Civilians are mystified by screen printing. It’s that simple. What most screen-printing customers understand about what we do is similar to what we all understand about cookie-making elves who live in magic trees. There was an old joke among industry veterans that is just as illuminating now as it was over 20 years ago. The customer asks: "Why is there a problem with my job? We just want eight fluorescent colors printed on dark-brown corduroy rain jackets! What’s this charge for an underbase all about?"

Single job speaks to customer relations, inks, graphics, production, garments and practical-limitation challenges, all in a few short sentences. The sales approach for screen printing takes on the job of graphics and style guide, customer education, garment supply and production coordination with just about every order. Accordingly, I have found that a large percentage of problems in the average shop can be a direct result of poor planning and coordination in the sales and order-writing process.

When it comes to production-plant efficiency, little things mean a lot…

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