Image courtesy Youtube/Great Big Story

VIDEO: Japanese Textile Dyer Uses Natural Elements for Coloring

KYOTO, Japan—Textile dyer Sachio Yoshioka uses natural products to dye textiles, in contrast to synthetic chemical colorants used by many large-scale textile producers. Based in Kyoto, a recent video by Great Big Story profiles Yoshioka’s operation.

“I specialize in plant dye, extracting dye from plants to dye threads or clothes,” explains Yoshioka in the video.

The process of using plants dates back before 1850, referred to as the Edo period. Sachio uses plants like saffron and pampas grass to derive his colorants. The Kyoto producer collects and grows the plants, then dries them for preservation.

“For sales, I dye for the modern taste,” adds Yoshioka. His staple products include items such as blouses, scarves, and home goods like seating cushions.

Watch the full video below to learn more.

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