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World Emblem marks the opening of a new facility in Atlanta.

World Emblem Marks Grand Opening of Atlanta Facility

MIAMI—World Emblem marks the opening of a new facility in Atlanta. The facility is part of the company’s international network which features five U.S. locations and three international facilities.

While the location is a new addition to the company’s lineup, Idith Moran, vice president of human resources, points out that the region has been a fixture for the company.  “Originally, we were in Fulton County to be near one of our larger clients,” she explains. “Over the years, we’ve had the fortune of employing some awesome people from the area and had a good bit of growth.”

After that client closed following an acquisition, World Emblem had the opportunity to look elsewhere. But Moran says the company ultimately decided to stay in the area and maintain a reasonable travel distance for its employees.

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The Atlanta facility is part of an international network of World Emblem locations. (All images courtesy World Emblem)

The process of moving into the new building began in November 2017, and by all accounts, was mostly a fluid process. Jim Kozel, vice president of plant operations, points out that most of the company’s equipment is easy to set up and transport. “The challenge is to design the perfect layout so that the process has the least number of steps to get the finished product to the shipping dock,” he contends. “This is why we designed the layout with a Six Sigma mentality.”

After establishing a layout, the company organized raw materials to allow for a temporary move without hampering production. Ensuring each department was operational before moving to the next one, the entire move took roughly six months. Kozel also credits a few key staff members in helping the move go smoothly. “Our corporate engineer, Jovanny Bustamante, was instrumental on the entire move,” notes Kozel. In the final two weeks the company cleaned out the old building, Kozel explains, and Bustamante spent his nights cleaning the facility.

Kozel also credits Vicente Ruiz, warehouse supervisor, with coordinating and organizing more than 3 million blanks and Jeff Stancoff, plant manager, for working long hours to balance production at both facilities and coordinating personnel for the move.

With all the pieces in place, the company held a grand opening last week. Moran says the company used the occasion to recognize World Emblem CEO Randy Carr during the event. Staff dedicated a plaque to Carr for his efforts and introduced the executive team to the new facility, many of whom were visiting the location for the first time. The ceremony featured a celebratory ribbon cutting, a toast, and a variety of prizes for team members.

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L-R: Longtime employee Ruben Mercado and World Emblem CEO Randy Carr. 

Focused primarily on manufacturing, the new 67,000-square-foot location manufactures more than 60,000 custom pieces per day, and offers same-day shipping for orders that arrive by 2 p.m. EST. The new facility is located at 325 West Lake Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30336.

L-R: Mercado, Carr, and Moran at the ribbon cutting ceremony with the Atlanta team.

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