Do I really need to be thinking about video marketing for my business?


In 1981 MTV (Music Television) hit the airwaves with a 24-hour music channel that changed the landscape of how the world consumes it. 36 years later we are experiencing YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter Live Streams, and more. Video is consuming social media like MTV consumed the radio listening audience.

Over at YouTube, there are 3.25 billion hours of video watched each month. Facebook video receives on average 135 percent more organic reach than a Facebook photo. I won’t carry on with more enlightening stats; I’ll just go on to suggest that video is without question a golden internet marketing tool.

You can take just about any marketing strategy and apply it to video to find more success. Take customer testimonials or reviews for example. Imagine the boost in engagement and reach if they were actual video clips of the customer who is happy with your products and services.

People love to discover the ways that things are created and fabricated. Imagine how an online video of how you produce your products can grab the attention of your website visitors and social media audience.

Valuable marketing videos are short—within the two-minute range—which is perfect for keeping the production of marketing videos to a small task list, and making them easy to create and upload to all of your online channels.

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