How can embroiderers enhance a stock design?


If you do no digitizing of your own and are dependent on purchasing stock designs, no worries! Take a look at what’s available from various online sites offering stock designs explicitly created for embroidery. If you can dream it up, it is probably waiting for you.

Beyond the design itself, you can customize any item with threads and placement of the design(s) on the garment. While basic, general purpose embroidery thread tends to be a 40-weight rayon or polyester and stock designs are created for these threads, you can improvise. Substituting a metallic thread in certain areas, switching in a matte finish thread for a lustrous one to create shading, using a multicolor or ombré thread that changes colors throughout the design, or swapping in a glow-in-the-dark thread will enhance the design and make it unique.

It’s important to judge which stitches in a stock design will lend themselves best to a metallic (which can be a thicker thread) or a matte finish (which may be slightly lighter). But switching in a unique type of embroidery thread for an open, outline, or running stitch will add so much character to your design. If you have any doubts, check with the manufacturer to see if your judgment is sound.