How can I combine foil with other heat transfer vinyl to create unique patterns?


Combining foil with other heat-transfer vinyl finishes creates a great look, but can be challenging. The foil has the potential to stick to the other heat-transfer vinyl that it contacts when applied. Testing how foil will react with your vinyl brand is recommended before beginning production. Foil typically will not stick to glitter flake and flock vinyl, making them ideal to use. Just be sure to reach the melting point of the highest temperature heat transfer for its recommended time. For instance, if glitter applies at 320 degrees F for 15 seconds and foil requires 300 degrees F for 10 seconds, ensure that, at some point, the glitter vinyl receives its temperature and time. It’s recommended to consider the sequence of the application as well to ensure the foil is the last step, if possible. This will help keep its mirror-like finish.