How can I create a business plan for my print shop?


Grab a pen, some paper, and jot down these five things. 

1. Define a problem that your business is solving

Come up with a simple mission statement or problem definition for your business. 

2. Create a "one-line solution" to your problem

Take your response from No. 1 and come up with a specific way that your business will solve a problem in the industry—in one quick line. How are you handling the pain point in the industry?

3. How will you attract customers? 

Build a simple marketing strategy for gaining new customers. It does not have to be elaborate for it to be successful!

4. Figure out why you are special!

What is your secret sauce? Every entrepreneur and business has a touch of magic behind their business.

5. Set a goal and solve for 'X'

Behind every goal is a variable for which you can solve. Set a goal, and then decide what it will take to attain it. Go get it!

If you're having some trouble brainstorming, check out these examples

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