How can inactive business association members get a return on dues paid?


If you're a card-carrying but inactive member of a business association, try these simple suggestions to get a return on the dues you’ve paid. 

Commit to attending at least one meeting or event each month. Before going, take time to set objectives. Perhaps, your goal could be to meet two to three new people and exchange business cards. In this case, less is more and more is less. Don’t try to meet everyone. Concentrate on giving your full attention to a select few and be sure to follow up with a phone call, email, or short handwritten note. Have some fun with this and vary the way you introduce yourself throughout the event.

If your business group conducts golf outings, bowling nights, or a social event that requires members to be paired up or seated together, try to get on that committee. You want to make sure you are spending quality time with key customers and prospects by being in their foursome, on their team, or at their table. If you are not able to play golf, bowl, or dine with a target prospect, try to hook them up with one of your loyal customers in hopes the client will talk you up.

For more insights on making your membership rewarding, check out DiCecco's full-length article in the most recent issue of Printwear. 

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