How can shops get unused equipment running again?


Some shops could probably start charging admission and calling themselves a museum with all the old equipment they have collecting dust in the corner. While you might not be that much of a hoarder, I’m sure you have a couple pieces of equipment that have seen better days.

While you may find that it might not be worth the trouble to resurrect the pieces in question, a lot of equipment can find a use long after its glory days. Could you set up your old table-top press for sleeve prints or koozies? Maybe an old exposure unit could be transformed into a light table to inspect for pinholes. There are a lot of creative ways to bring older equipment back to life but be sure that it’s going to be worth the investment before dropping money or time into the project. Some things are destined for the scrap yard, and it might be better to leave the past in the past and look at getting a new piece of equipment to help grow your business. 

If you can breathe new life into your equipment, I think the most important part is to take some time to train the operators on the nuances of operations. But, more importantly, train how to properly maintain the equipment. Old machines are much like old cars—they need some extra love to keep them running smoothly. 

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