How do I reduce the chance of error or misprints?


Is your shop experiencing one too many errors when printing? Or maybe it's just your worst fear. Try these four tips for avoiding the ever-dreaded misprint.

The Rule of 2

Have two sets of eyes on any test print. Get a thumbs-up stamp and make sure one other person stamps a work order for a press check. One of you might catch an ink color or location switch. 

The Marble Jar

It sounds silly but put a jar in the production facility and add a marble for every completed job. When the jar fills up, give your staff a bonus or a reward. Kindergarten rules apply, but it positively reinforces your staff.

Rotate Staff

Allowing your employees to do the exact same job all hours of the day will slowly eat away at their sanity, which affects quality. Rotate them often so they can stay fresh.

Make it Fun

Find fresh new ideas to make printing fun. Have different contests and themes. If your screen printer made an amazing print, take a picture with them and the shirt and post it on social media.

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