How does a decorator’s web presence reinforce their credibility as a business?


I don't believe that web presence actually reinforces your credibility. In today's world, it is your credibility. Our world is changing very quickly, and we must adapt to the fact that people want to do business online now. Outside of some perishable groceries, I do most of my shopping via Amazon and other online locations as do many others. This is why companies like Custom Ink and Café Press are flourishing, and internet giants like Amazon are getting into our industry. 

Our industry is an easy target as most people don't have a very good web presence. A bulk of decorators today still advertise in the Yellow Pages, don't have active social media accounts, and use tools like Website Tonight and other free website builders to make their online presence. Or even worse—only have a Facebook page or Etsy store. That is like building a home on borrowed land. 

Spend the time, resources, and planning on creating your online presence just as you plan on getting people "in the door" of a physical location. Your website is the new immaculate lobby of your headquarters, and you don't even have to put pants on anymore.

Aaron Montgomery Consulting