How high should the platen of my screen-printing press be from the floor?


The objective is to avoid stress on the press operator’s elbows, arms, shoulders and back when printing. Ideally, when you stand at the press with the squeegee in your hands, the angle between your arms and body should not exceed 45 degrees. The squeegee must touch the screen where the print stroke starts (which is beyond the image in the screen).

Just imagine your arms extended at 90 degrees from your body when printing. When you press down on the squeegee, you put a lot of stress on your elbows and other parts of the body. So the platen should be close to waist-height. If lower, you will be leaning over to print, which is hard on the back. In most shops, people of different heights are printing. So make a good investment in a simple wood platform for shorter people to stand on when printing.

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