How many colors do I really need on an embroidery machine?


First we need to change this from a “color” conversation to a “needle” conversation. The two most common sizes of commercial embroidery machines are 6- and 15-needle machines. A truly commercial 6-needle machine will sew the same types of items as a 15-needle machine and will save a few thousand dollars. But there is a huge productivity increase by having a 15-needle embroidery machine, even if you are sewing four-color logos.

The 15 needle embroidery machine allows users to set up eight needles with sharp needles and seven needles with ballpoints. With the extra needles on your machines, you will see a huge increase in productivity when you are stitching your caps (which use sharps) and any left-chest logos on a polo (which requires a ball point). This also saves time in changing out needles, so it’s quicker to jump to the next job—it is much easier to change colors on a machine than to change the needles. 

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