How much top-line revenue can be put through one heat press?


The answer is dependent on a number of factors. First, what types of garments are you selling to go with your heat print decoration? The more expensive the garment, the more top-line revenue can run through your heat printing department. There’s only so much perceived value that a custom decoration can generate. However, the real differentiator is in the type of item you’re applying the decoration.

A T-shirt with a two-color graphic could generate anywhere from $5–$20 of top-line revenue. Change that T-shirt to a quarter-zip, performance polyester pullover, and potential top-line revenues more than double. Now, upgrade your two-color screen print transfer to a glitter or silicone finish, and you can add another 10–15 percent to your sale price on the item.

Measuring success by top-line revenue is important, but you can see how skewed the number can be by the breakdown of the apparel sold and transfer types used.