I am having problems printing with white ink. Suggestions?


White is the thickest of all the inks. Here are a few ways to improve results:

Adjust the off-contact to accommodate the thickness of the ink deposit. The screen will stick to the ink layer if this is too low.

Use the proper mesh count—for high-tensioned roller frames, use a 156 to 230 for optimum coverage. For static, stretched screens, a 110 to 156 mesh count is ideal for optimum coverage.

Apply sufficient emulsion to get a decent layer in one pass. Coating the screen multiple times creates a thicker stencil and will deposit more ink in one pass.

Use a fast, clean stroke of the squeegee to ensure the screen will release from the ink.

When flashing, let the ink cool before printing a second layer. Hot ink will stick to the screen and potentially ruin the print.

Make sure to cure the ink properly, ensuring that the entire ink layer achieves 325°F. A stretch test can ensure proper curing, but the ideal test is a wash test.

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