I have shiny, scorched, and discolored areas on the collar and shoulder seams of my heat-printed T-shirts. What's the cause?


This is typically related to how the garment is loaded onto the heat press. This happens when those raised areas of the shirt are left on the heat press platen during printing, thus receiving too much pressure. To avoid this, use heat-printing accessories to get the print area completely flat.

Interchangeable heat press platens such as an 11-inch by 15-inch platen or 6-inch by 10-inch platen are perfect for isolating your print area and getting those seams off the press, specifically on machines that will allow the splitting of a garment onto the lower platen.

If you don’t have a heat press that is interchangeable or threadable, try using accessories such as heat-printing pillows or pads to insert into the garment.