I just added sublimation to my decoration offerings. How can I sell it to my customers?


When it comes to selling sublimation, the first thing a decorator needs to understand is the strengths and limitations of sublimation as a decoration option. One large strength, of course, is that sublimation can be done on a variety of items. Sublimation can be done on apparel, mugs, mousepads, clipboards, and plaques. 

When selling sublimation, make sure you have plenty of examples or a lookbook of the hard good options available, so customers can see that sublimation is about more than just garments. Keep in mind that this is also a great opportunity for upselling. Customers who buy garments may also want a coffee cup or a travel mug to go along with their order. Any additional item a customer buys is more money in your pocket. Seize every opportunity and supersize any order!

One large weakness of sublimation, at least in some people’s eyes, is that it works best on polyester. A lot of people tend to think of polyester in the form of a scratchy leisure suit from the 70s, but current polyester fabrics are nothing like that these days. In order to combat polyester prejudice, it’s always wise to have samples of the most poly fabrics on hand. Allowing customers to experience the new fabrics will go a long way toward combating any dislike of polyester they may have. 

Selling sublimation is like selling any other decoration technique. You need to emphasize the strengths and downplay the weaknesses. The biggest thing to remember is that selling sublimation will be most successful when you understand the needs of your client. Taking a few extra moments to talk about what’s needed and expected can go a long way toward making a sale.