I want to purchase an automatic screen cleaning system. How do I know which one to buy?


Before you spend a dime, consider what ink systems you are using today and what ink systems you will be using in the future. If you are local (U.S.), you are no doubt familiar with plastisol inks and you may have found the wash-ups you have been using don’t work as well on the phthalate-free plasticizers. It will only expand the problem if we throw in discharge, traditional water-based and high-solids acrylics.

Get a sample of the most difficult colors (meaning, those inks whose liquids are more difficult to put into solution—the step which is critical to ink removal and each system has different needs). Once you finalize on a solvent, verify that the seals and pumps on the auto-washer will withstand the solvent of choice. Finally, send a screen with all ink types you intend to use  dried in them to the distributor of the equipment. Have them video tape a cycle. If they are confident enough to put it on YouTube, you likely have a winner.

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