I want to start doing regular e-blasts to promote my company. What are some basic guidelines I need to be aware of before I start doing this?


First, you need to choose an email-marketing service. If you use an industry online design or e-commerce program, you may find this provider has already integrated an email service into its program, so that would make it an easy choice.

The biggest issue is to avoid being categorized by your Internet service provider as a spammer. If this happens, your ISP may shut you down. Whatever email service you use, follow its guidelines for creating a permission-based e-list. The best type of permission-based e-list is called “double opt out.”

Double opt out means the individual registered on your website to receive emails from you. Then, an email is sent asking for confirmation. If you’re sending a solicitation email for the first time, make sure you have an opt-out link at the bottom, so if the person does not want to receive emails from you, he or she can click that link and be removed from the list.

Once you set up your e-list, the next decision is frequency. I’ve read some compelling studies that say sending with a high degree of frequency is important. Although one might think emailing too often is regarded as spamming, if you have bought anything online or signed up for notifications at a favorite website, you probably get emails anywhere as often as once a week to daily.

The key is to make the e-blasts relevant, informative, and valuable. Ideally, send a mix of specials or sales, new styles, news impacting your customers, videos, and the like. I don’t recommend making every email a deal or discount.