I want to start screen printing T-shirts but don’t know where to begin. What’s my first step?


Screen printing T-shirts dates back decades and is as popular today as ever. To start the business you can do it on a shoestring budget, but will likely spend about $15,000 for a startup production operation that has the potential of making you a full-time income.

Step one is to get some education on the process. Screen printing is not difficult or complicated, but it will benefit you greatly taking a professional class or attending hands-on seminars at the industry trade shows. Getting your education first makes you a smarter shopper for step two, and gets your business off the ground running. By the way, this education should be an ongoing process for as long as you are involved in this business.

For step two, talk with a screen-print supply company near you about shop packages they may offer. There are plenty of full-service screen-print supply companies that can sell you not only the equipment you need but inks, screens, and supplies as well. Talk to them about your budget, if financing is available, and what kind of ongoing assistance they might offer you as well.

Step three is practice, practice, practice your new craft. The only way to become a good, better, and then expert screen printer is to spend time screen printing. Most of us started our garment decorating businesses in a basement or garage. The opportunity for success is there for you to take!

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