I want to upgrade our shop’s laser to a higher wattage to meet increased demand. How difficult and costly is this process?


This depends on what you are upgrading to and from. Generally speaking, it’s moderately painless. But it all depends on the type of laser originally selected and whether or not if you are making a huge jump.

The laser tube can be compared to an engine. However, it’s not made by the laser machine maker. It is purchased and added on. Some machines are programmed to work with any of the top laser brands.

We recommend certain lasers depending on the type of system. If you are running high wattage and you need a lot of power, we may recommend a German laser tube, which is fairly expensive. It may be 400W or higher. A system like that will come with a water-cooling system, so it’s not just a simple laser tube you pop in.

But, if you are going from 50–100W, for example, and you were using a universal tube before, it’s simply a matter of adding cables and an additional power supply in addition to the tube itself.