Other than being used with an embroidery machine, what other decorating processes can be done with a laser bridge machine?


A laser bridge is the ultimate multitasking machine. It can work as part of the embroidery process cutting fabrics for appliqué, or it can work alone for etching, marking, engraving, perforating and plain cutting.

It can etch simple or comprehensive designs onto hard goods like cell phone covers or leather portfolios. It also can be used for permanent identification labeling of various products.

Engraving is another task that can be done with a laser bridge machine. It can be used to engrave sophisticated, comprehensive designs on a variety of materials including leather, wood and plastic. A flat table can be used as a station and a special jig is created to hold the product in place. 

Laser bridge equipment also is used to perforate or cut repetitive patterns into fabrics to create new looks. This is used primarily in the fashion industry, but is also used for practical reasons such as allowing air to flow.

It also can be used for simple cutting. Two examples would be contour cutting of embroidered emblems or printed felt figures used for an educational flannel board.

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