We’ve been spending a lot of money on trash fees at our shop with boxes and paper goods. How can we cut down on this expense?


One of the largest volumes of waste in most shops is cardboard. We reuse all the boxes we can and unapologetically announce it on stickers we place on the boxes. For the boxes you can’t use or if you don’t want to reuse the boxes, find a cardboard recycling company. It not only makes ecological sense, but recycling of all kinds usually costs less than fees for trash.

A few minutes sorting your trash into recyclables can save money and is greener. Many times it is just as simple as making a place or receptacle and labeling it after explaining it to your employees.

In your office, recycle all your paper, print on two sides when you can, and buy ecological products that have high post-consumer waste content. Order your printing from companies that have green practices; it just takes a little research.

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