What are the differences between classic, missy, and junior fits?


As the women's wear segment of apparel continues to expand, it is important to offer products that fit the various shapes of women in the market. Classic fits are often a tubular body style with feminine sleeves, armhole, and neckline. These are traditionally heavier-weight fabrics that are perfect to either print or embroider. The grading between sizes is similar to unisex T-shirts at 2 inch chest width difference between sizes.

The missy fit is side-seamed and shaped with a slight taper. The grading between each size is similar to the classic fit but a half inch narrower overall.

Junior fit garments are side seamed and tapered approximately 3/4 inch on each side. The sleeves, armholes, and neckline make these styles more feminine, targeting a smaller physique. The grading between sizes is only 1 inch.

Check with specific manufacturers on varying fits to ensure customer satisfaction.