What are my options when it comes to exposure units?


In the screen printing industry, there are currently three main types of exposure units: UV, LED, and halide lamp exposure units. Figuring out which one would be the best fit for your shop can be a confusing experience, so here are some of the key differences.  

The most economical choice is a UV exposure unit, often available in a tabletop model or with a stand. They are user-friendly and low maintenance. They offer performance and versatility at a reasonable price. This is a good choice for a startup shop or those looking for value. 

LED exposure units are relatively new to the industry. They offer greater energy efficiency, a light-weight build, longer bulb life, and can significantly decrease exposure times when used with the proper emulsions. This type of exposure unit is recommended for higher production shops or those who desire better performance than UV units. 

Halide lamp units are the workhorse of the most demanding shop environments. They offer larger size exposure areas and the highest resolution exposures available. They have a short warm-up time and they can offer extremely fast exposure times once in use. 

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