What are some important factors to keep in mind for printing on towels?


First, use water-based inks for a soft hand to the print. Water-based inks require the use of a dual-cure emulsion in stencil making. Water attacks diazo and photo-polymer emulsions that are not formulated to be water resistant. Velour towels are easier to print than terrycloth, and a white or light-colored towel should be printed with darker ink. The pigment needs to be fused or cured in the towel, but that will not occur until all the water has evaporated. Drying cools the towel as heat is being absorbed by the water. Curing cannot occur until after the towel is dry. Thus, towels require two-stage drying and curing. A large volume of warm air dries the towel before fusing the pigment in the towel. When you think the ink is dry and cured, wet and rub the image as a test.

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