What is the best way to decorate heathers, antiques and cross-dyed shades?


The heathered background of each of these styles presents tremendous design opportunities. Standard heathers consist of white fiber mixed with another color of fiber. As such, tonal designs can be quite effective—picking up on either the white or color in the design.

Antique heathers are made with black fibers mixed with another color. The black provides a good background upon which to play with colors complementary to the main color. Or, design the black heather into negative space in the design.

In the manufacture of cross-dyed garments, each fiber is dyed a different color, for example, a combination of Carolina blue and dark chocolate. In this case, anything in the hues of the two fibers will pick up the background color very well.

Beyond the colors of the fibers, some heathers also blend various types of fiber. Those that consist of cotton and polyester can open up possibilities in the sublimation realm as well.