What can apparel etching bring to a shop?


Garment decorators can expand their market by offering laser etching and material engraving to their customers.

Today’s advanced materials, mostly used in performance wear; include many fabrics that are ideal for comfort and absorbance but not necessarily ideal for conventional embellishment. By embellishing, we’re referring to traditionally known methods, such as screen printing or embroidery. That’s where an embroidery laser comes in strong. The laser can gently etch such fabrics giving the decorator a unique and subtle look that’s new and fresh. Such decoration is definitely distinctive and can be applied to areas that haven’t been known for embellishment previously, such as collars and plackets. 

Material etching can also be applied to common wear, such as denim, twill, hats, polar fleece, belts, shoes, as well as, promotional items of all sorts. 

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