What makes a good add-on to accompany a direct-to-garment order?


Most ColDesi customers have already discovered this, but one of the best things you can offer as an add-on to a direct-to-garment (DTG) order is something other than a direct-to-garment printed product. The best options are ones that another digital shop cannot provide. This has the dual benefit of adding sales dollars to the order and eliminating the competition as much as possible. 

Imagine you have someone come into your shop for a 50-shirt order for a landscaping company that needs a full-color logo. It's perfect for DTG. Now, it's time to consider the other options:

  • Do their employees wear caps with the company logo on it?
  • Do the sales and admin people wear company polos?

Both are great package upsells if you do embroidery as well as DTG printing. Also, consider promotional products like koozies or coolers. All are great options if you also have a white toner printer and do transfers.

The power to offer something unexpected and profitable might mean squeezing out the shop down the street now but could lead to a long-term customer down the road.