What is the recommended emulsion over mesh percentage?


It’s undeniable that there is a relationship between a stencil’s EOM (emulsion thickness) and the mesh’s fabric thickness, but there is no conversion constant or multiplier. Specifically, the answer to the question, “What percentage EOM do you recommend?” is that it doesn’t work that way.

Here’s how it does work. Once the stencil is sufficiently flat at ~5.0m on a 280/35 “halftone mesh,” the only reason to increase the EOM is if 1) the ink tack is too high, 2) the ink fluid momentum is excessively long, 3) the blade angle and pressure are excessively high, or 4) the off-contact distance is exceedingly high OR low.

Under reasonable conditions, the “specs” on a 280/35 in order of priority would be RzS1 = 3.5 to limit area, RzS2 = -3.0 to limit volume and mitigate EOM, and finally EOM = 3.0 as a result of RzS1.