What’s the first thing to check when sewing troubles persist?


If you are having sewing troubles or thread breaks, always check the needle first. Needles are damaged by being scraped or hit when inserted in the machine, or getting hit with the hoop when loading the goods, by hitting snaps or buttons on garments, by deflecting off a thick seam or when a thin needle is used on heavy fabrics. They can be damaged by scissors when you try to trim while the machine is sewing or by a collision with straight sewing pins which are sometimes, unfortunately, used to mark the goods.

A ball point that is chipped will form a jagged edge and run a knit as fast as a sharp. A sharp needle that is bent or dull will pound on a woven like a ball point. It will also pick at the fibers of the shirt and the design as it sews, resulting in scuffed stitching and damaged fabric.

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