What should be on every D2 printers' equipment and supplies list?


D2 printers will always want to have a full set of extra inks on hand. That way, if they get an order which drains some of the colors much faster, they won’t have to hold up production waiting for a delivery. Some of the D2 ink supply companies offer discounts when you buy a full set of inks. Additionally, look into discount ink clubs and paper saver clubs for savings on supplies. 

The same goes for pre-treatment supplies. You’ll want to have backup bottles of the different types of pre-treatments and post-treatments you like to use.

Also, D2 equipment owners will want to have maintenance supplies on hand for making sure the D2 printer is in peak performance. This consists of cleaning solution(s), syringes, release papers, flushing solutions, etc.

It's also a necessity to make sure the company you choose for your equipment has a good warranty on the machine. Look for a two-year warranty, free unlimited training, free technical support, and a company that has lots of helpful resources on YouTube and their support website. 

It’s a good idea, but certainly optional, to keep extra parts on hand as well. A spare print head, wiper(s), and a backup capping station can make all the difference when you're at the tail end of a large order that needs to be delivered on time.