What should I consider when choosing puffy foam for 3D embroidery?


When choosing puffy foam for 3D embroidery, there are a few items to consider. One is the colors of the finished design. Because the foam is available in a variety of colors, most embroiderers try to match the color of the thread they use to the color of the foam. This allows for a more seamless look and also reduces issues should a small bit of foam show through the embroidery.

Another issue is the stiffness of the foam—make sure the foam tears easily and is pliable. The excess foam must be removed when the embroidery is complete, so choose foam that is easy to tear and which tears cleanly. Quality of foam also matters.

The thickness of the foam should also be considered. The thicker the foam, the greater the loft, which seems like a good thing, since creating a 3D effect is what embroidery with puffy foam is meant to do. The potential issue here is the fact that thicker foam is also harder to tear and may require many more stitches to cover. In general, it is best to use the thinnest foam necessary to achieve the effect you desire.