What steps should screen printers pay special attention to when setting up their press?


Keep space in mind. This is one of the most important things that should be considered when setting up your press. Think about the people that will be operating the press. You want to leave a comfortable amount of space around the press to move around, even if it is just you using it.

Leave enough room for your flash unit and take note that it isn’t hovering over a platen. You need to position your flash unit in between platens that way you don’t run the risk of burning one.

For your dryer, you don’t want to run shirts back and forth constantly. Position the press in a central location with your other equipment. Somewhere that is comfortable to maneuver still, but close enough to everything you need to keep up production.

Manual screen-printing presses are ideal for smaller spaces because they don’t require special hook-ups for power. Automatic presses will require hook-ups typically for an air compressor and control functions.

When setting up your press, you will start by setting each screen into the press heads. You will do this in the order of lightest to darkest and black as your last color.

Next, align each print color to the other to make sure you have correct registration throughout the entire printing process. You can do this a couple of ways including using your film output as a guide.

After you have ensured that the colors are lined up, you are ready to print! 

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