What value do add-ons and non-apparel promotional products have for shop owners? 


Apparel decorators printing T-shirts for local sports teams, schools, businesses, and events are looking for ways to increase sales and provide more value for their customers. Sometimes you need to look beyond your core products and services and offer a product that your customers also want or need.

One natural addition to any decorated apparel business is offering promotional products and non-apparel items that will help customers further promote their cause, whether it be school spirit, promoting an event, or marketing their business.

You're already decorating the most popular promotional product—T-shirts. Go outside that box, and create a one-stop-shop for your customers by offering items like stickers, banners, static clings, and other promotional items. These items might be something your customers are already purchasing elsewhere or be beneficial products they did not know they needed. 

We have all heard the phrase, “Would you like fries with that?” This value-added, upselling approach is one of the most valuable sales tools you have as a shop owner when you are looking to increase sales. By upselling an additional item with your customer’s order, you increase your total sales. The more you sell to existing customers, the more cost is reduced looking for new customers.

Just asking your customers “Would you like to add car stickers with your T-shirt order?” or “Do you need a banner to promote the event sponsors?” is all that's needed for your customer to be aware of your add-on products and gives them an opportunity to say yes.

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