Why do lightweight films often have a frosted carrier sheet that has little or no tack? The film has to cool down between applications, and this really slows down production when doing multi-color designs.


Many users like low tack vinyl films for sports numbering because it weeds quickly and works especially well on performance fabrics. But those looking for a product with a higher tack and a crystal clear liner versus the frosted may want to try a different type of vinyl. Look for a product that has a clear liner, high tack, and that is designed for multicolor applications.

Here’s a production tip for using a cool-peel product: once you press a cold-peel transfer to a garment, take it off the press and put it to the side. Then, load the next shirt. Once you have the platen locked down on the next shirt, you can reach over and remove the lettering from the first shirt. This helps speed up production whenever using cool-peel products.