Why should embroiderers consider using a laser to create emblems?


Whether you only need a small quantity or high volume, using an embroidery laser will dramatically speed up the production on any type of emblem. Once the embroidery machine has sewn the emblem, the most labor-intensive part of the process is cutting it out accurately.

Imagine having the ability to cut out a sheet of emblems in just minutes vs. having to take the hooped embroidery off the machine to cut it. At that point, your choices are scissors, a die cutter, or the most common process, a “hot knife,” which uses a soldering iron to burn through the fabric and laminate behind it. A laser bridge can cut 24 3-inch circles in about two minutes. A single-head laser is slightly slower, but still much faster than traditional methods.

In addition to faster speed, you are not as restricted to the shape of the emblem as you are with traditional methods. You can design a sunburst, an irregular shape, or something wavy, which would be even more time-consuming to cut out with scissors. But the laser, using an optical eye and software, can contour cut any shape with the same speed as a circle. You can even combine different shapes on the same sheet, and the laser can be set to contour cut each one.