Riley Hopkins’ Latest Press Sets New Standard

Product Spotlight

Whether seeking a quality manual press to take your screenprinting business to the next level, or a ROQ-compatible machine to run alongside a large-scale operation, the timetested Riley 500 has you covered.

With four-to-six-station options and exclusive compatibility with the featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets used in the automatic ROQ, the Riley 500 has established itself among the industry’s most versatile screen presses.

Regardless of the job, the Riley 500 delivers unparalleled quality and consistency, thanks to Riley Hopkins’ detailed engineering, an array of industry-standard controls and precision tuning.


At maximum manual speeds, the Riley 500 delivers quality and consistency by putting the operator in the driver’s seat.

Print heads have a back center knob for tool-free off-contact adjustment and a front center knob for adjusting tilt, and there are right and left lever final tilt locks.

Tool-free, off-contact adjustments and XYZ microregistration come standard, allowing operators to quickly set up and adjust the press with the same ease as a ROQ automatic screen-printing press.

This compatibility means the Riley 500 serves as a seamless stepping-stone – or companion to – the ROQ automatic press.


Since 1977, Riley Hopkins has built its reputation on finely tuned, well-engineered printing presses that are as reliable and efficient as the racecars from which the company lends its heritage.

The CNC-constructed base features a larger, 3-inch diameter post for added strength, and even includes a storage area. The print station assembly is 25 percent lighter than earlier models.

Among the most notable additions to the Riley 500 is a bearing-style versus a nylon bolt for locking into the registration gate. There also are hardened steel registration blocks for longevity.

The Riley 500 comes standard with heavy-duty back clamps or optional side clamps. Riley 500 options include four-, sixand eight-color models, and a limited lifetime warranty.


Registration is faster and simplified for speedier setup with left and right anti-flip/anti-backlash ROQ XYZ microregistration knobs.

A two-point screen-locking system, unique to Ryonet, ensures continuous registration through a long print run and features a new grip clap surface that is ideal for large-format applications.

To read more or view videos of the Riley 500 in action, visit or call 1-800-314-6390.