HD Technology Revealed: Inside Secrets of DTG Printing

March 13th, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

January of this year marked the unveiling of Kornit Digital’s new flagship system, the Avalanche HD6. It launched major advancements for the direct-to-garment industry: increasing productivity, decreasing ink consumption, and the most refined hand-feel in the industry, without sacrificing color vibrancy or a higher price tag. A panel of presenters from Hirsch Solutions, SanMar, and ColorGATE will join representatives from Kornit Digital to discuss the new HD technology, including its implications for apparel, system preference, color-matching, and production and quality.

David Tulipman, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Direct to Garment, Kornit Digital
Christopher Jaeger, National Product Manager-Industrial Print Division, Hirsch Solutions
Mark Bailey, Channel Manager-Decorator Relations Team, SanMar Corporation
Thomas Kirschner, CEO and Co-Founder, ColorGATE GmbH
Ryan Kurek, Director of Marketing, Kornit Digital North America
Don Whaley, Vice President of Sales, Kornit Digital North America